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April 9, 2018 Rustic Furniture

Making Rustic Log Furniture

Rustic Log Furniture is made with wood shaped and mounted in such a way that it retains its natural appearance. This kind of furniture is long lasting but quite expensive. The types of bits ranging from beds and tables to chairs and benches. Making furniture by logs can be a challenging carpentry adventure.

Rustic Log Bed

Rustic Log Bed


12 Inspiration Gallery from Making Rustic Log Furniture

Image of: Rustic Log Traditional
Image of: Rustic Log Sofa Bed
Image of: Rustic Log Furniture Image
Image of: Rustic Log Furniture Bedroom
Image of: Rustic Log Dream Furniture
Image of: Rustic Log Design
Image of: Rustic Log Coffee Table
Image of: Rustic Log Chair
Image of: Rustic Log Cedar Furniture
Image of: Rustic Log Cabinet Furniture
Image of: Rustic Log Bunk Bed
Image of: Rustic Log Bed

Select your logs and remove bark from them with a drawknife. Choose a log to act as a deck, and another to act as a rule. The remaining logs will be used as posts. Make sure that most Log Furniture is about the same size and have a similar look. Make spiders on both sides of each post, create a drop. You can do this with a drawknife or, preferably, with a saw. Make holes on the deck and control using radial drill, create mortises to which drops will be mounted. Remember the distance you want between each post when drilling holes on both logs. Secure postage to tires by punching the post so that half of the stock is against the rule and the other scored half is on top of the deck.

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Tips and warnings

Try to find fire-killed logs. It will make the bark easy to remove and make sure the Log Furniture is free from rot. Use bolts and nuts instead of bolts delay to secure services to tires. The former are easier to access, and you will find that with time your train can start to relax. If you have no prerequisites in carpentry, you may find it very difficult to construct the joints. For more detailed information about this procedure, click the video link in the References section.

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