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How to Clean Rustic Outdoor Furniture

Teak is often used to make Rustic Outdoor Furniture, such as benches, chairs and tables, because of its ability to withstand the weather and wind. But just because it’s good in outdoor does not mean teak does not require cleaning. Use detergent and a soft brush to clean your teak furniture.

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Mix equal parts of detergent and water in a bucket. Remove all pillows from teak outdoor furniture and put them aside. Dip a brush into cleaning fluid and gently scrub when working over the surface of teak furniture. Use dry laundry to hard stains and rub with the liquid mixture to lift inks. Leave the detergent mixture to sit on the furniture for 15 minutes. Empty the bucket, rinse it and fill with clean water. Run the brush under water to remove dirt and detergents. Pour water over the furniture to rinse the cleaning solution. Use your brush to clean any loose rubbish and dirt that remains. Allow furniture a few hours to dry completely.

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Tips and warnings

Teak furniture fades outdoors, developing a gray or silver look over time that some people prefer. To avoid this color change, apply a teak sealant after the cleaned furniture has dried. Clean teak, and apply the sealant if desired twice a year. Use the remaining cleaning solution to clean the furniture pads. Pour the leftover solution into a spray bottle and spray down the pillows. Use a dry cloth to blot a few stains and solution. Spray with water and wipe the solution with extra dry cloths. Allow pillows to dry before putting them back on the furniture.

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